Vicki Peers Interview

Nick Corkhill interviewed Vicki Peers as they discuss investing in the north of the UK. Nick has done most of his work around Greater Manchester and Vicki in Liverpool. Both cities are popular areas for investing in the UK.

Vicki has a large property portfolio based in Liverpool and runs the company "inside Liverpool. She offers a variety of training courses aimed at helping others invest in Liverpool. Having done some of Vicki's training we would highly recommend it. Vicki is an expert on property investing and the area of Liverpool.

They discuss:

- 3 Mistakes Investors Make in Liverpool

- 3 Ways to Be More Successful in Liverpool

- Do HMOs still work in Liverpool?

- Is Supported Living a Good Business Model in Liverpool?

- Mindset in Property

The interview is separated into two videos. If you have any questions or would like to know more get in touch.

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