Understanding the UK School System

Understanding the school system in the UK is key when choosing where to buy a house.

State Schools

Attended by 93% of children in the UK for free, from ages 5-18.

Primary School: Ages 5-11

Secondary Comprehensive: Ages 11-18

Secondary Grammar: Ages 11-18

Grammar Schools

Grammar Schools were introduced in the UK to make space for academically gifted children to be taught at a higher level, but without the need to pay anything for their education. There are 163 Grammar Schools in the UK. Who gets to attend is decided by sitting the ‘11-plus’ examination. Those achieving a pass grade of 80% or above will be given the opportunity to attend their local Grammar School.

Independent School

These are fee paying schools which charge anything from £5,000-£50,000 per term. Famous examples include Eton, Harrow and Winchester. The children who attend these schools often go on to attend top positions in Business, Politics and The Arts.


GCSE: Age 16

A-levels: Age 18

Those achieving the best grades at A-level will have their pick of the best Universities.

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