UK Property Refurb Projects

When deciding what level of refurbishment project to take on you have a few different options. Each comes with its own good and bad points. By considering these carefully in relation to your own position, you can make Smarter Property decisions.

Buying Property that requires

no refurb

Good: Ready to rent from day 1

Good: No cost or hassle of working with builders

Bad: Less to choose from.

Bad: More competition from first time buyers can push the price up.

Buying Property that requires

a light refurb £5-£10K

Good: More choice

Good: You can add some modest value to the asset

Bad: Need to wait a few weeks before renting

Bad: Need to manage the builders

Buying Property that requires

a large refurb £20-£30K

Good: You can add significant value when you carry out the refurbishments

Good: You can provide the right specification to attract your target rental market.

Bad: The time and cost of the refurbishment work.

Bad: In certain parts of the UK there can be lot of competition to buy refurb projects, which can push the price up.

Bad: Properties in very bad condition may not be mortgageable.


Here are some examples of projects sourced on behalf of clients:

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