Pro Tips on Rightmove

Rightmove is a free and powerful tool to maximise your property search. Here are a few pro-tips to help you get the most out of your property search.

Extensions for google chrome

If you use google chrome as your internet browser you can select to run extensions in the background which will enable you to see more information about the properties you look at. These include Property Log, Property Tracker and Property Bee. Now when you search for property on rightmove you will see background data such as when the property was first listed, historical changes in the price and description. Knowledge of price changes in particular can be a good indicator of vendor motivation and can assist you at the price negotiation stage.


By creating an account in Rightmove you can set up alerts for specific types of properties. You may be looking for something with 4 bedrooms, or within a certain school catchment area. Rightmove alerts allows you to set up very specific search criteria based on exact locations, prices and types of properties.

Key Word Search

This is useful when you’re looking for something quite specific. Words and phrases such as ‘refurbishment’, ‘in need of’, modernisation will help you to filter out all of the refurb projects. ‘Public Notice’, and ‘offer’ will allow you to filter for repossessed property.

Use all of these tips in combination to save time and maximise your search. If you can do everything just 10% better than the average amateur, this will compound and you will come out with far Smarter Property outcomes!

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