London Re-location

A client relocating from Hong Kong to London asked me to find them a 4 bedroom family home. Must have a garden, excellent internal standards and be accessible to central London in 30 minutes. All for under £500K. Let's see how I got on.

Negotiation strategy

This property is in remarkably good condition and ticked every box for the buyer. I was one of the first people to view it. Due to its excellent condition and location, we could see it was going to receive a lot of interest. For these reasons we decided to enter with an aggressive offer of full asking price, but gave the seller just 48 hours to decide before the offer would be withdrawn. The strategy worked and investor accepted the offer.

Buyer Requirements

  • Budget: <£500K

  • Property Location: Greater London with good transport links to city centre

  • Size: 4 bedrooms

  • Refurbishment: Little to no work required / ready to move.

Deal sourced

  • Northumberland Avenue Welling.

  • Falconwood Train Station – 30 mins to Central London

  • Purchase Price: £465K

  • 4 bedrooms

  • In excellent condition with no work required.

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