Investing in Greater Manchester

Manchester is a vibrant and creative post-industrial powerhouse of a city! This video will kick off a series of videos that look in turn at each of the 10 Boroughs in Greater Manchester in detail.

Manchester is the second largest urban area in the UK with 2.8 million people and the second fastest growing population overall. It hosts the second largest economy in the UK and the largest regional financial and professional services industry in the UK.

Greater Manchester has a thriving creative, digital and tech sector with Salford Quays it’s crowning glory.

Manchester has one of the largest student populations in Europe, with almost 100,000 studying at its higher education institutions. It has the largest clinical academic campus in Europe.

The city has been described as a ‘Post-Industrial Northern Powerhouse’. Post-industrial refers to the cities origins as the birth place of the industrial revolution. The term Northern Powerhouse refers to the UK government’s vision to join up northern cities in to a super-connected globally competitive northern economy with a flourishing private sector, a highly skilled population and world renowned civic and business leadership.

The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework sets out the vision for the future of Manchester. It highlights 55 new developments that will transform every Greater Manchester Borough by 2037.

So whether your football team is City or United and whether your favourite band is Oasis or The Happy Mondays, one thing is certain… Manchester is buzzing!

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