Housing market update

This Blog will take you through an update on where the UK property market is at. The data we are using goes up to June 2021.

In recent months we have seen a dip in buyer demand by 9%. Despite this dip, we have still seen house prices grow strongly by 5.4% year on year up to June 2021. 12 months ago this year on year growth was at 2.2%.

If we break this down onto a city level these are the areas with the most growth:

Liverpool- 8.9%

Belfast- 7.7%

Manchester 7.4%

Sheffield- 7%

Nottingham- 6.9%

Leeds, Leicester, Bournemouth, Birmingham- 6%

London 2.5%

Over the past few years, it has been a regular occurrence to see Liverpool and Manchester sit at the 6% growth mark, however, these cities have hit even higher growth than normal.

The other city’s, like Sheffield, normally sit at 2% growth and have seen massive movement in the market these past 12 months.

This update gives you a good indication of where the current market is. If you have any questions, get in touch.

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