Deal sourcing in the UK

This blog will give you a rundown on the deal soucing service I offer.

Step 1: Understand the client

In order for me to best help you, I need to understand what your goals are. This will be done by a 30-minute phone call which also gives you a chance to get to know me, my company and ask any questions.

Step 2: Property Desk Study

We do a lot of research on potential properties. Deep diving into the demographics, transport links, schools, growth trends, rental yields, and more can be very time-consuming but it is imperative. Doing this will help us to find 20-30 properties that suit your goals.

Step 3: Inspect Property

The desk study will leave us with a diary of house viewings that you will be able to see laid out in a spreadsheet. When viewing a property we conduct our own inspection which consists of a 50 point checklist, a video tour inside and outside the property, and any information we can get from the estate agent.

Step 4: Negotiate

Using all of the data we have gathered and after numerous conversations with you, we will start to offer and negotiate on your behalf for the properties that interest you. Most local agents know us and have dealt with us in the past. We do have a good relationship with the agents that we regularly deal with.

Step 5: Sale progression

Once you have an offer accepted we are happy to help with sales progression. We have a fantastic solicitor team that we can pass over to you.

Step 6: Sale completion

Once completed, we have teams of builders that we know, like, and trust that can do any external or internal work to get your property up to the highest of standards. We can also refer you over to a local letting agent to get your tenant in as soon as possible.

If you are interested in this service or have any questions feel free to get in touch.

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