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Swindon Housing Association Deal

27 Tintagel, Swindon, SN5 8JR

Housing Association Deal

Purchase Price: £180,000.00

Stamp Duty: £6,500.00

Refurb: £12,000.00

Sourcing Fee: £3,600.00

Legals: £1,000.00

Total Cash in: £203,100

Rent: £1,600.00 /  £19,200.00

Net Yield: 9.45%


This property was a Housing Association Deal we set up for an overseas client. The property is now leased to the HA for a period of 5 years. No voids, no management. Just long term high yields.


Hollins Lane, Bury

Purchase Price: £151,000.00

Stamp Duty: 5,050.00

Refurb: £6,000.00

Sourcing Fee: £3,000

Legals: £800

Total Cash in: £165,850.00

Rental: £850.00 / £10,200.00

Net Yield: 6.2%


Bury is a fantastic North Manchester location with strong rental demand. This property was secured at a competitive price and underwent a light refurb to maximise both the value and the rental potential.

Pelham Street, Ashton-Under-Lyne

Purchase Price: £150,000.00

Stamp Duty: 5,000.00

Refurb: £4,500

Sourcing Fee: £3,000

Legals: £800

Total Cash in: £163,000.00

Rental: £800.00 / £9,600.00

Net Yield: 5.8%


Ashton-Under-Lyne is a fantastic East Manchester location for affordable property with strong rental demand and healthy yields. Buying a property in need of a light refurb meant we could secure it at a competitive purchase price, and finding a tenant through our local trusted letting agent was a quick and easy process.


Luton Social Housing Deal

Buzzard Road in Luton is a Social Housing Deal where we have reconfigured the bathroom and smallest bedroom to make the bedroom meet minimum size requirements. In doing so we have been able to achieve a really strong yield. The property is now on a 5 year fully maintaining lease, with no voids or management cost at all. Great news for the lucky investor and a wonderful home for the HA’s service users. 

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